The Accommodation

The Barn

The Barn: Three Bedrooms

The Cottage

The Cottage: Two Bedrooms

The Apartment

The Apartment: One Bedroom

Barr Hall Barns are situated on the southern tip of the Ards Peninsula 3.5 miles south of Portaferry and overlook Barr Hall Bay which is protected by the National Trust. It is a seal basking location.

Seal with fish in mouthThe Barns also look out onto, the Narrows and the Barmouth with its turbulent currents that prompted the Viking invaders to name the entrance to Strangford Lough as the "Strang Fiord".

The Lough is a site of Special Scientific Interest and of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The surrounding shoreline is managed by the National Trust. On the other side lies the Lecale area and views from the site stretch to the Mourne Mountains in clear weather.

The Strangford Lough area is steeped in history. It boasts 4th century Christian associations with the presence of St Patrick around Downpatrick and the Lecale area. Its coastline is dotted with abbey ruins and early Christian sites which were ruined by Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries. Thereafter is a Norman legacy of fortified castles and houses around parts of the Lough all associated with the De Courcy family and their feudal retainers.

Historic picture of Barr Hall BarnsA Brief History

Local records indicate that there have been buildings on this site from the late 1600's. The builder himself is supposed to have been buried in Slanes Cemetery near Cloghy in or about 1704. The road alongside the site used to run diagonally through the yard as indicated by a late 18th century survey map.

The lands and property at Barr Hall appear to have been in the possession of the Savage/Nugent family from the early 1600's until sold as a farm in or about 1935.

During that period until 1935 Barr Hall is thought to have been the principal residence of the Savage family in the Upper Ards. There are consistent records of the rent roll due to them from the surrounding townlands.